Qasr Al Hosn: A Rich Narrative in Abu Dhabi

Posted On 27-Sep-2022

Being the UAE's capital city and a modern region. To think of it is to appeal to portrayals of the current. From creative planning at the Louvre Abu Dhabi to how its maker supplies. From cutting-edge automation on its roads to remarkable accepted schooling at New York University in Abu Dhabi city. The town is invariably walking – dynamically adopting the objective of continual improvement in today’s nation.

However, there is more to it than the high-rise skyscrapers and fancy malls you see in your daily life. To the knowledge of Abu Dhabi, you crave to bring to its nucleus. An oft-dominated narrative that fabricates underneath the coatings of modernism. Understanding the behaviour of the UAE’s capital should contain an excursion back into its history.

Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest facility in the town. It is an excellent site to commence investigating the ancestry of this area. As a museum sheltered within a former palace at the soul of the UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi. The expanse is a corridor in the metropolitan wilderness. The network is made of gravel, coloured in complexions of white & beige. Along with quick and large ingredients that feel out against the extended skyscrapers splotch downtown.

Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi

Qasr Al Hosn - A Detailed Discussion

There is a healthiness to the Qasr Al Hosn, a formal atmosphere pervading from the difficult cables. That is glowing under the sun of the Arabian desert in Abu Dhabi. With free openings between skyscrapers and an expansive enclosure surrounding the old housings. Encountering Qasr Al Hosn is like taking off on a pacified walk down recollection lane.

Note: You will get a free tour guide accessible to enable you to create the best of your experience!

Christopher Pike/Bloomberg will locate an abundance of memorable articles on display. From old tools to reports of attachment to the Emirate’s leaders. From chunks of the palace’s actual embankment to radios about prior Sheikhs. But above this, the most important ingredient of the tour is the history’s magnificence maintaining itself through the architecture in Qasr Al Hosn. Like, sparkling and clean with mathematical slopes and frugality of announcement. That indicates the mastery of its producers.

An Outstanding View:

The whole tour of Qasr Al Hosn will leave you in amazement at the means of a neighbourhood established so much from so limited. In a nation where a severe setting was overcome via human imagination. A brutal mood affirms itself as the focal point. A centuries-former watchtower that was the initial lasting arrangement in Abu Dhabi. Qasr Al Hosn remembers you of what is seized for award. The person and communal narratives that got on into establishing this town. This government declined to back down from hardship.

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House of Artisans and Bait al Gahwa:

People can then begin again at the House of Artisans & Bait al Gahwa. They are two flawless museum spaces encountered just outside the major skyscraper. The voyage starts with dates & coffee. Then falls over into the era of conventional skills. For example, weaving & net-making, however, ends with a stalemate at the gift shop. The Qasr Al Hosn requires workshops and lessons freely to the visitors on wool spinning, and palm weaving, surrounded by others. And finally, at Bait al Gahwa, people are eligible to see a live presentation of the creation of Arabic coffee. The bottom of Emirati hospitality provides guests with a flavour literally of regional traditions.

Informative & educational:

Roaming through the several cabins within the Qasr Al Hosn. You recognize a society enlarged. Systematic and illustrated in brief, displays are altered. The antiquity expanse from the firstest days of human possession in the desert. Just from the construction of the United Arab Emirates. Under Sheikh Zayed an agenda displayed improvements in the town adequately into the twenty-first century.

After spending some hours at Qasr Al Hosn took off with additional significant awareness of this hamlet. As well as, its seeds in the country. Abu Dhabi, to a daily spectator, comes across as idealisation in its advance. Walking through the former facilities in the town, you rapidly understand the shortcomings in this path of deliberation. Today’s popular town of transnational fantasies is created upon productions of conceptions. Of what sandy landscape could be. Qasr Al Hosn is an idling retroactive that swerves its watch upon the preceding and recalls the Emirati essence.

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Qasr Al Hosn - Some Basic Information


Qasr Al Hosn is imminent at The Mall World Trade Centre & Etisalat Headquarters. It is located at the nook between Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum Road & street of Hamdan Bin Mohammed.

Opening Hours:

The opening hours of Qasr Al are available from Saturday to Thursday. Meanwhile, the timings are from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM. Moreover, on Friday timing, the outlet continues to be open from 02:00 PM to 08:00 PM.

Entry Ticket:

These are the pricing of the entry ticket for comprehensive access to Qasr Al Hosn.

  • Adults: 30 AED
  • Kids (Under 12y years old): 15 AED

Make sure that a Qasr Al Hosn entry will offer you a permit to the Craftsmen’s House, customary programmes and Al Hosn Palace. The House of Artisans & topography is free to tour and disclude for personal workshops & exhibitions. Tickets can be acquired via online as well as in person at Al Qasr.

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