Al Zohra Beach - A Breathtaking Sea view in Ajman

Posted On 21 -June-2022

Al Zorah Beach is an elegant waterfront in Ajman. It amounts to something among the most prominent shores in Dubai. The time we imagine the “United Arab Emirates,” we speculate on Dubai and the capital city, Abu Dhabi. But there are so extensively additional things to explore in this country than the enormous shopping malls and man-made islands. Single such treasure is the emirate of Ajman. Besides, an ornament on the top places of Ajman is the Al Zorah Beach.

Encountered slighter than 20 km missing from the city's Bus Station. The Al Zorah Beach is a speck of pristine elegance, by the turquoise dreary sea. Nonentity could be further asking than the golden-coloured Arabian sands. Along with the tides gently hitting the seasides. In areas, the Arabian sand is a glowing white colour. It simply enlarges the glamour of the position.

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Al Zohra Beach

Al Zohra Beach Ajman - Detailed Overview

Some additional characteristics of the Al Zorah Beach that compel it so important to the watching crowd:


At a duration of 18 kilometres from Ajman Bus Station, the waterfront is a civil beach positioned in the Al Zorah region of the city. It is one of the traditional waterfronts. Also, among the primary locations for excursions in the emirate is a portion of Dubai city tour Packages.

What to Expect?

Al Zorah Beach is a pure seaside with transparent waters and shiny white sand. It is a delightful spot to tour particularly when you crave a peaceful locale. As it is slightly crowded. Also, this dreary seaside is excellent for elegant little family gatherings and friends reunions. A part of this waterfront is acquired by the great Oberoi Hotel. This pristine beach is acceptable to create sand villas. As well as swimming in the cosy waters of the Arabian Gulf. Or completely tanned yourself under the sun. You can also admire the thrilling water sport "Jet ski rental". It is also accessible for some beach raptures. The seaside is admired for its tremendous sunset impressions.

Al Zorah Beach is not overcrowded at all. This implies you can admire the extensively wanted exclusivity with your friends and family. Without concern about banging into revellers presently and accordingly.

The water temperature of this shore is relatively warm. So, you can relish a very pleasant swim session at any minute of the year. The children with you can bring into the world their stake of a peaceful swim.

Relief of entry also creates a precise destination for calming down in a realistic ambience.

Activities to Encounter at Al Zorah Beach, Ajman

There are plenties activities to encounter in Al Zorah Beach that would resist you from being immersed the entire day high. You can appreciate a happy picnic with your beloved ones on the pure waterfront. There are considerable breadths for riding jet skis and additional water activities. That is managed by preferred tour service providers. Get on and partake in some of these things to do. Your delight quotient would be upgraded to enormous importance, for sure.

  • The enormous available area, friendly ambience, and comfortable setting are there. That says you can allow letting go of the kids in your party. Stare them frolic around the amazing shinny white sands. It builds villas and scenes in simple clear waters. They will retain their interest in huge fun.
  • Tight to the waterfront, there are additional temptations like the Ajman National Museum, Al Dur Archaeological Site, Dhow Building Yard, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, etc. Be confident to conserve these spots on your “must tour” bucket list as well.
  • If will be hungry after all that frolicking and swimming. There are various leading hotels in the proximity. Practically check-in and admire a delicious lunch of both regional and international intricacies. Desire some nap after lunch? You can relax at the seaside while reading a book. As the day gradually brings out to a conclusion.
  • Hey, one more thing. Don’t leave the seaside before enjoying the sunset. The environmental sun across the sea furnishes some beautiful views. As well as plenty of photo opportunities, so grab it as they offer. Bring the highest of it and lead back to your residence or hotel with a satisfied mind.

Some Facts Why Al Zorah Beach is So Admired:

  • Steady white Arabia sand and azure crystal blue waters.
  • The waterfront is entirely isolated which says it’s just precise for visitors who don’t admire packed places.
  • The slight warm transparent water of this seaside. It provides you with this unique chance to swim or jet ski in a clear ocean.
  • Al Zorah Beach is tremendous for kids due to the enormous available space to walk, run and play by assembling sandcastles.
  • It is a family-friendly coast destination seconded by the number of water activities and some outdoor sports. containing kayaking a boat and jet skiing.
  • This seaside is admired for enchanting sunset impressions. So, some incredible Insta-ready images are in the direction.
  • If you desire to visit Dubai. Then it is just 30 minutes away.
  • The best part of this entire fact is, that you can explore the whole beach for FREE.

How to Arrive?

Handily available from Dubai, which is virtually a 2-hours drive. Also, from the Ajman Bus Station, you can reach within fifteen minutes. The Al Zorah Beach can be attended as an ingredient of a day excursion from Dubai city. You might moreover accommodate in the multiple extraordinary lodgings in Ajman city. Besides, disburse an entire day here.


The reasonable time to tour the seaside would be between October and April. The seaside is available from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

What is the Cost of an Entrance Ticket?

The big announcement is that access to Al Zorah Beach is free for everyone.

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