Naif Museum - A Historical Attraction in Dubai

Posted On 14-July-2022

Historical Information about Dubai city is incomplete without touring Naif Museum. Yes, the city of gold has much more attractions to visit. After fancy shopping malls, desert safari tours and the exploration of luxurious skyscrapers. In Deira, you will get to discover many exciting activities to encounter. However, it is similar to different positions in the UAE's golden city. You're eligible to purchase decorative arts from Gold Souk. Or you can stroll around Deira Clocktower.

Moreover, explore the Women’s Museum and encounter your nationality imaginations at Xtreme Simulation. Discover what the Deira Creek area has to deliver. Notice what. Deira has detected various transitions in the Emirate's socio-economic development and urbanization. As one of the advanced areas of Dubai. There are different historical marvels in the city of gold. Besides, multiple elements to perform in Dubai for locals and international visitors. It would enable you to end at the Naif Museum. It is an ancient fort that was formerly utilized to be the Dubai police headquarters. However, when you stay in the Deira area, along with occasional hours to economize on.

The incredible openings, dinners, and markets in this sector discussion about the city’s ancestry. Experience any of these Deira procedures to assume the benefit of this community. This Naif museum in Dubai furnishes a wonderful stare into Dubai’s police and umpire network’s past and development. The residue of the police headquarters is further in usage Nowadays, in one of the branches of the Naif Police Station. It was virtually completely established from clay in 1939. Besides, the fortified fort presently houses two museum galleries. That building category of interactive displays, amusing sights and living scale. Additional to Naif museums, there are multiple impressive things to do on the Dubai city tour.

Naif Museum

Naif Museum Dubai - Detailed Overview

Touring the Naif Museum will furnish a remarkable relief to find out, first-hand, the security characteristics of Dubai. That is deemed to be a substantial monument for municipal and financial growth. From this preliminary emphasis, Dubai has attained unrivalled security knowledge. That has facilitated Dubai to accomplish favourable worldwide. Moreover, gawking at the reasonable ancestries of Dubai’s security mechanisms and describing them. Along with the attainments of global superiority, improvement, and modernization exhibit and discloses Dubai’s enormous and tough undertakings.

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Naif Fort was established in the mid of the marketable city in 1939 in a planned situation in the Deira Creek area. The Dubai Police Commanding Commander-in-Chief Dubai police stations, headquarters, scrutinies, judiciaries, and custody districts. All of them were discovered here. It was the initial police warehouse in Dubai, and also at the time, the office of the Public litigation and the benches. In the earlier 1990s, via conserving its archaeological characteristics. His greatness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum requested the modification of one of the palace’s branches into an authorized museum. It is then open for visitors to learn the heritage of the authority. Also, the defence compels the Emirate.

The neighbourhood of Deira Creek has a Naif Museum. It is a factual mansion that was once fulfilled as a prominent police station. As well as, the jail in the UAE's golden city. Naif Fort had been labouring in Deira Creek’s significant position. Besides, it was the centre of the Civil court, Public Prosecution Service and the Dubai Police Station. It was utilized in the Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief’s department, the workplace, examinations, judiciaries and imprisonment centres. Sheik Mohammed's highness was rebuilt in the centre of the 1990s. Also, it is formulated to be renovated into an accepted event hall in 1997. The fort was unlocked for locals and international visitors. To discover about the authority's ancient environment, security benefits and safety.

Naif Museum Pattern:

People will disclose instances of police clothes, which have altered from traditional to modern regional gowns. In the Naif Museum, including two museums. In improvement to the trophies, the authority descriptions and arms grades. The police’s cars and guns, the detention rooms, after their institution. It also furnishes the traveller with an impression of the contours of police administrators of Dubay since it was ascertained. Also, the museum has been contributing to customary UAE nationwide movements, data, and historical statements. As well as declarations published by police since its establishment in 1956.


The Naif Museum's location in Dubai is discovered at Hotel Radisson - Bur Dubai - Deira Creek - Baniyas on Level 2.


However, its entrance and ending timings are from 12:30 PM till 03:00 PM. Also, you can visit around 07:00 PM till 02:00 AM.

Entry Ticket:

Considering the Naif Museum entrance fee, the visit is free of cost. For more details, you may contact the number of the Naif museum regarding any questions is +971-4-526-0978.

Popular Food:

Many visitors stay interested in What are the insights of Naif Museum Dubai? Respecting the popular foods. So here at the best historical museum in Dubai. Emirati cuisine has many infinite varieties. It is one of the outstanding Emirates diners in Dubai at Aseelah. You can enjoy a spectrum of Middle-Eastern and Arabic cuisines. The hotel’s diner delivers a mixture from a date replenished chicken leg. From an outstanding Aseelah chicken to established and modern foods. A regional seasoning combination is known as Bear. The top of the food is cooked. It comprises a variety of cinnamon, cumin, dried peppers and fennel. Also, amplifying an extraordinary flavour to the food.

Activities to Explore near Naif Museum Dubai

QDs Fun:

QD’s is a pleasant terrace, having an impression of Dubai's skyline. However, you might enjoy your special drinks and adore flavoured shisha. The perspective of the lit-up indicates coasting can be admired either on the soft-slung sofas. As well as in the diner’s seating location. The area delivers plenties of drinks. The locations of mixed drinks are accessible at 48 AED. The QD's food menu is comprehensive. It contains a variety of Arab mezzanines, seafood and Mediterranean. Rightful a break banana whistles charitably ported. You can enjoy your bite while overhearing the DJ’s songs.

Waterfront Market:

Waterfront is a promising direction in Dubai for those enthusiastic about buying organic and fresh stocks. A massive variation of fish can be established in each of the 435 marts. That negotiates fresh slashes. There are also tremendous fresh lamb and beef heaps. If you adore cooking with fresh products. You can prefer whatever proportion you appreciate for your slash. You can obtain fresh flesh at a reasonable cost consecutive from the butcher's block.

Seasonings of very great personality can also be purchased from the Waterfront Market in the Deira Creek area. Here, you can discover an enormous choice varying from cumin, herbs, cardamom, tahini and zaatar. Too many exotic varieties, containing marinade powder and barbecue.

You will also discover fresh berries if you’re getting on a slightly farther. Numerous fruits cost 1 AED only. So the majority of shopping in Deira Creek is a creative suggestion. The location doesn’t retain anything to eat. However, books, clothes and a meadow of foreign perfumes are also accessible. A visit to the Waterfront Market is one of the activities to explore Deira Creek. You can perform it after a busy day’s shopping. The Pluto diners, the Costa and Dome diners and the Papa Johns cafes are encountered, which are simple to recharge.

Hor al Anz Library:

You will spend your precious hours in your ideal library, known as "Hor al Anz". if you're a book worm and adore reading books and Novels. This paradise has been struggled by central and occurring writers, established in 1989. It contains books. You will get the books in both Arabic and English language. They are accessible for novel and non-fiction items.

Hor al Anz library at the Naif Museum has a diverse kids’ category, containing a reading compartment and an audiovisual recreation room. You must go through that friendly location in Dubai. if you crave to impress a fascination for reading in your children. The membership will also be offered solely for UAE residents, UAE companies enrolled and GCC citizens. Regardless, visitors from worldwide will appear and browse magazines, journals, and books.

There are also additional civil libraries in the Naif Museum Dubai. Excluding the Hor al-Anz Library. You should peacefully register for them. All civil libraries can be acknowledged for 50 AED for five years. Along with only the repayable 150 Dirhams in particular and 200 Dirhams as a deposit for families. Moreover, kids can obtain a residue of 75 AED free of cost.

The Finish Line:

It has been assumed that The main portion of the facility was its “Al Makbad”. It's like an Arabic technique building, which continues the iconic portion. Besides, it was already residence to multiple lawbreakers not so extended after it was prepared. The entire palace of Naif is called Naif Museum. Also, it is partially established from an outstanding clay, Al Madar. It is still a widespread substance of pattern in the entire Middle East. That provides the skyscrapers with several yellowish colours. Nowadays, the Naif Museum's tower is an exact position for visitors to discern Dubai. The Naif museum proposes a spectrum of displays on Dubai’s history.

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