Sharjah Aquarium - An Eye-Catching Place to Visit

Posted On 28 -June-2022

The Sharjah Aquarium was unlocked in Al Khan in 2008. It circulates across a broad neighbourhood of 6500 square meters. It constitutes 20 numerous aquariums on its two foundations. Each one is replenished with approx 1.8 million litres of water. Sharjah city has permanently had a personal organization with the sea. Besides, the Sharjah Aquarium promotes the assistance of the water to the region's development. Sharjah Aquarium is the countless sights that the emirate offers to the locals and international visitors. For this, you can explore on your own or hire the UAE's best tour operator. This location is found in the Al Khan Old neighbourhood and was the supreme administration academic centre in the Gulf. This area was undertaken on the 16th of June.

Sharjah Aquarium is a wonder of the world that emphasizes 20 tanks of 1.7 million litres. That reproduces various regional aquatic atmospheres. The aquarium is one of the hugest academic centres in the United Arab Emirates. Besides, it is operated by the Authority of Sharjah Museums. Along with more than 250 lineages, there is the distinctness of aquatic life. From rock pools & coral reefs to mangroves & lagoons. It is fascinating and amusing finalizing your Dubai city tour.

Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium - Detailed Overview

People who adopt a trip to Sharjah Aquarium can investigate the charm of the private deep water and aquatic existences. They can admire a near impression of the aboriginal fishes. Also, it obtains additional data on the memorable landings and seasides of Sharjah.

A water aquarium is available in Dubai and numerous European regions. The Sharjah Aquarium is as promising as these. Plus the International visitors obtain information about a deluxe underwater planet.

Why Should You Tour Sharjah Aquarium?

It is an opportunity to find out the interesting invisible planet of the deep ocean. Memorize the narrative of Share shores and refuges. As well as Sharjah Aquarium is an ideal place to admire a close-up glance at the regional fish variety.

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What to Expect at Sharjah Aquarium?

Since the Sharjah Aquarium is residence to more than 150 aquatic species. It is living in the Persian Gulf sea. Also, you will get on beyond the wide classifications of ocean life and discover to distinguish between them. You will fetch the opportunity to examine the grand sea flashes. Besides, the tricky moray eels, the gorgeous clown fish, the passive reef sharks and the fresh sea things.

Furthermore, by discovering ocean animals, you will find out about reefs' environments. For example mangroves, coral reefs, the waterfronts and the Khan Lagoon encircle it. It is a delightful happening for visitors of all age groups. Here you can visit with your family and friends during the family excursions.

Activities to Explore at Sharjah Aquarium

Water Creatures:

The numerous colours of the water creatures living underwater. They are available in this Aquarium and will astonish people. People can discover some 250 varieties of the Persian Gulf and the wide Indian Ocean, such as flora and fauna. Their elegance and variation are incredible. People will appear as the several occupants of the intense. They roam from the microscopic gentle seahorses and sea urchins. To the insatiable moray eels, rays, reef sharks and crabs.

The equatorial fishes that people can discover here are similarly mixed in elegance and colours. They create the Sharjah aquarium among the most extensively active aquariums on the planet. An additional trick of this place is the extraordinary plants of the profound.

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Breathtaking Sea Floors:

A substantial sea floor gives rise to this fascinating excursion of the incredible genuine sea. Along with its various flora and fauna extra real. The floor of this position assumes a similarity to the organic seabed replenished with lagoons & coral reefs. People can admire the aquatic things in a few directions. They can grab the walkway and glimpse the oceanic life above and at the viewpoints. They can similarly glimpse them below via the glass floor and over the colourful platform

Get Facilitated to the Information Displayed in 2 Languages:

Sharjah Aquarium also has an outstanding mutual electronic presentation. They submit to the visitors, the most detailed information heeding every aquatic existence in the space. The data is exhibited in two languages. One is Arabic and the other is an English. People will comprehend the narrative of the animated, puzzling and colourful ecosphere of the deep ocean. The shows are very visitor-friendly and actually, children will not have any difficulty in giving the knowledge that they crave.

People can shop for souvenirs and admire snacks & refreshments:

Inside the assumptions is a cosy and warm eatery for people to relish hot beverages. Like coffee, tea, and snacks. Moreover, a discover a gift shop, where visitors can bring home something for memory. As a current for their family and buddies.

The safekeeping:

An oceanic essence supply conserves the space. The budgeted faculty guarantee an atmosphere. That promotes the possession and varieties of fish. Besides, the development of coral reefs. The aquatic nature resource was unlocked as a criterion against the worldwide increase in aquatic pollution.

The Importance of Sharjah Aquarium

  • The place intends to develop a favourable atmosphere for coral reefs to evolve. Also, it is a circulating perception about the serious oceanic pollution and its destruction. Sharjah Aquarium pursues to conserve the aquatic atmosphere. It was not just established as a muscular area. But also was assembled to educate the visitors about oceanic life and entertain its significance.
  • In the year 2009, the Authority agreed to expand the area by arranging an aquatic nature stock. It is now built as a flawlessly comfortable area for ocean life to breed and grow.
  • Likewise, it carries a turtle improvement strategy. It is where the farming squad obtains and attains the sick or injured turtles. Also, delivers them with the mandatory supervision, before sending them back into the ocean.
  • It is governing a final aquatic atmosphere clean-up movement. As a portion of the Sharjah Museums Authority’s civil obligation industry “Because We Care.” The march intends for at boosting understanding of environmental safety and alleviate light. On the importance of conserving aquatic temptations. Moreover, the march conducts to flatten understanding of the aquatic smog problems. Which is after arising from some irresponsible people.

Installations of Sharjah Aquarium:

To guarantee a happy and comfortable period for people, their authority furnishes some installations. Such as

  • Wheelchair entry for old residents and Disabled Visitors
  • WiFi for Free
  • A Diner to Grab some snacks and Refreshments
  • Mothers’ space with changing tables for infants
  • A souvenir shop
  • A prayer room
  • Considerable parking space
  • Restrooms and Elevators

Some Additional Details of Sharjah Aquarium

How to Reach:

You can be reached via Bus or Metro. The buses that appear nearby the location are E304, E306 & E307. People can pick a reasonable bus or train time to the temptation with the Moovit App.

Entrance Fee:

  • The Entry is free for kids, aged smaller than 2 years
  • The entry fee is for kids above 2 years old. That is aged between 2 and 12 years are 15 AED
  • Visitors aged above 13 years old are supposed in the adult category. Their entry fee is 25 AED.
  • For groups of 6 plus kids aged between 2 to 12 years, the entry fee is 10 AED per individual.
  • For groups of 6 adults, their entry fee is 15 AED per individual.


  • The Sharjah Maritime museum remains open every day except Sunday.
  • From Saturday to Thursday, it unlocks from 8:00 AM til 8:00 PM.
  • Friday is considered a half-day and it opens from 4:00 PM till 10:00 PM.

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