Guru Nanak Darbar - A Classy Gurudwara Dubai to Explore

Posted On 14 -June-2022

For assorted visitors, the United Arab Emirates is not only a territory. But also best known for an El Dorado of manners. Which means a district for generous prosperity and outstanding wealth. Likewise, explore a tremendous Gurudwara in Dubai "Guru Nanak Darbar". As you know, the city of gold is a residence of ex-pats globally.

Better than its very own residents. The United Arab Emirates is a country that confers upon everyone. who gives a name to its home parallelism of occupancy is unprecedented. It is claimed as one of the best things to do in Dubai. It is expected of the honesty of its leaders who contemplate compassion. As well as a common union, and satisfaction as the basic ethos of favourable authority.

Guru Nanak Darbar

The Construction Story of Astonishing Gurudwara Dubai

Hence when the energetic neighbourhood of Sikhs was overseen by MrS.S. Chaudhari out reached to the government of Dubai for a reasonable area for adoration. Besides, leader, Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, was happily pleased and invested a huge plot of territory. Which is about 24,500 square feet. So they can formulate a huge Gurudwara in Dubai.

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His mere petition was that it be a first-class position in tenures of its building, layout, and inners. There are numerous additional spiritual locations to visit in Dubai. For international visitors and residents of the United Arab Emirates.

Mr Khandhari was compelled, with the assistance of many companions. To formulate the fantasy of every Sikh individual into existence. This Gurudwara Dubai was nominated as the call name of Guru Nanak Durbar. Also, it was established on the 17th of January, 2010. Receiving virtually six years for the building and cores to complete. The world-famous Holford Associates & Paul Bishop Design Associates directed the layout and undertaking of supervision projects.

A second professional in the Gurudwara structure was also dropped in to boost in lending the conclusive strategy. Paul Bishop & Arafeh Bashir visited numerous Gurudwaras in India. Extremely the Harminder Sahib, to review the portraits and frescos.

Mr S.S.Khadhari is the creative and Chairman of Dubai's Al Dobowi Group. He recollects in his edition, "The Temple of My Dreams," that he needed a Dubai-based Gurudwara. That indicates the character of Sikhism. Besides, the leaders of the United Arab Emirates that is a tolerant and widespread fraternity. So, the design of the Guru Nanak Darbar was to concentrate on assuring. Visitors from all beliefs and religions could reach here and eat the delicious daily meal. During the whole duration of its undertakings.

Guru Nanak Darbar - Detailed Overview

The Guru Nanak Durbar is an enormous pattern having three basement categories for free vehicle parking spaces. Where the ground-level building starts up with assessing teak wood gates. It includes the "Langar" district, where the daily meal is served.

It is fastened is a world's top-class kitchen with automatic "Roti (Indian Wheat bread)" making appliances. These appliances can make 1000 Rotis or chapatis per hour. On the other side, you can explore a huge dough stirring machine. The extensively crucial element. Still, is that the Guru Nanak Durbar, is the first Gurudwara Dubai in the world. Which is to be authorized with ISO22000.

However, ISO22000 is bestowed on food safety supervision. This also indicates that the supervision squad of Gurudwara in Dubai is completely enthusiastic. About the safety of the daily meal being provided. The elevated hygiene and security procedures are attended to inside the kitchen. Especially the raw material repository, and serving food to the visitors.

On the other side, The Langar Hall, which is the major dining room, is encountered in the exact phase. Although it is conventional to settle down and consume as most daily visitors do. There are multiple tables and chairs for senior citizens and disabled individuals.

As the daily meal is frequently fulfilled, the dining area is ever hygiene and cleaning. The Sikh Guru Nanak Durbar has positioned a different corporation for just cleaning purposes. The Sikh community accepts free assistance from the Sikh sanctuary named "Karseva". Which paid to this assumption, numerous people also watch cutting vegetables, cleaning the dining area and serving daily meals.

The Prayer Hall in the Gurudwara Dubai

The second floor consists of a prayer auditorium. The brickless prayer hall values visitation and stability discharges from it. Over 5000 communicants can settle and pray here at a time. The Guru Nanak Durbar is formulated so that the initial flash of the morning subsides shortly on the Holy Book. Which decorates the prayer auditorium. The Gurudwara Dubai prayer hall’s surface is enclosed with an enormous mat for the supporters. So they can sit peacefully and meditate. There is an introspection area in the nook of the prayer Auditorium. Where an individual is related to any religion can get to and browse their holy book. Besides, settle themself and contemplate undisturbed. A library is also positioned, where an individual can browse books.

The Guru Nanak Durbar is extremely environmentally informed and reliable. The lighting operation has been completely renovated to LED newly. Its latrines obtain chemical cartridges to avert an amount of flushing and ruining the water.

Visitors are motivated to consume daily meals properly but make sure not to waste a single morsel of food. An additional ambition is to rebuild all thermos cups with paper cups for having water and tea. The Guru Nanak Darbar similarly utilizes a quantity of sunlight to lessen the waste of electricity. Over the Gurudwara, the water promenade coated nearly one-fourth of its border with tiny foundations. Where the water corpse likewise maintains the temperature cool.

Digital Museum in the Guru Nanak Darbar Dubai

It also has a digital museum positioned in the basement. Where the supporters can get on and know about Sikhism. Including its ethos, or how it appeared to evolve into a religion that ranged from every additional religion. The digital museum is furthermore the invention of Mr S.S. Khandhari. Touring the Coffee Museum will cost no fee to the visitors.

Things to do at Guru Nanak Darbar

The Gurudwara Dubai is committed to a bunch of charitable stuff. Mrs Bubbles Khandhari, who is Guru Nanak Darbar's vice chairman. He is overseeing the Gurudwara activities via "Young Hearts". Which is an ambition to fetch respect for residents and senior citizens. Then there is an endeavour to generate an understanding of Sikhism among people. As well as educate the music to consume their moment wisely.

The Guru Nanak Dur also donates food containers. Which are virtually barren, long-lasting substances, including rice, sugar, and wheat in labour centres. There is also an industry to receive sound guidance from labourers. With the assistance of the Indian Consulate in Dubai. It furthermore fulfils as a platform for weddings and numerous religious purposes. It attempts matchmaking and union as per the nationwide and regional constitutions.

The Gurudwara in Dubai is available as early as 4 am. Besides, from then, it amasses had a procession of spiritual training. There are minor auditoria on the 1st floor for supporters to perform their spiritual activities. Such as "Akhand Path". An individual can also lend a birthday party treat by serving food at the Langar. Also, it petitions outstanding food for which there is a slight addition to be reimbursed. The bare circumstance is that once the special meal is prepared. It is available for every individual to eat well in the Langar hall. No personal circumstance food can be fulfilled individually to assign people.

The Awards of Gurudwara in Dubai

The Guru Nanak Darbar feeds over 3 million visitors from every religion and every civil layer. As well as every nook of not just the United Arab Emirates, but also the whole globe. The provision of daily meals is free, No queries are inquired. As it is encountered in the "Religious Zone", where multiple synagogues are uncovered. It greets churchgoers every Sunday. The drivers visit to eat a tasty lunch and the available formation employees.

Many contemplate it as a divine donation, and several appreciate the delicious stretch. That comprises a whole three-course daily food is served. Including perfectly cooked Lentils (daal), Rice, Chapati (bread), Veg curry and dessert too. Visitors are appearing in such huge numbers and having a meal is a large substantial honour, said Mrs Bubbles Khandhari, who is the vice-chairperson of Guru Nanak Darbar.

Being Awarded:

It has been granted Guinness World Record for greeting favourable breakfast for the largely substantial quantity of nationalities. Which is approx 105 of them and Allocating the greatly substantial quantity of saplings of plants. To motivate the green ambition of the United Arab Emirates. The justification for clasping these circumstances is to react to the nation’s new ills.

In a boosting strife nation, the statement of union and compassion can be dissipated only. When visitors from multiple religious systems can settle and have tasty food together. Where the rich, and poor, everyone treats equally. The Guru Nanak Darbar also assures to greet Iftar service for all 29 or 30 days of Ramadan. So that supporters can appear and enjoy a tasty vegetarian daily food and open their fast. Along with the brothers & sisters from different faiths.

How to Reach Guru Nanak Darbar?

You will find so many mean to reach this Dubai Gurudwara. You may grab the red line metro and come down at Ibn Battuta Mall station. Or you can grab a bus to achieve the Gurudwara. You can also disembark at Muntaza station in Jabel Ali. Then grab the bus F44 to achieve the doorstep of Guru Nanak Darbar.

You will also find several tourist buses that take International visitors to the Gurudwara Dubai en path to the Abu Dhabi city tour. Where the famous online destination suggestion platform "Tripadvisor". It has rated Guru Nanak Darbar as the eighth extensively outstanding destination in Dubai. You can also hire a taxi or Uber from anywhere in the golden city. Then come without much difficulty.


It is tracked down in the Jabel Area and near Jabel Ali village. Which is formed behind the Lifeline Hospital.

Guru Nanak Darbar Timing:

The Doors of Guru Nanak Darbar are unlocked from 4 am to 4.30 am. Besides, the devotees begin touring from early morning till 9 pm. The meal is fulfilled until 9 pm. Meanwhile, the Langar is available until 10 pm.

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