Bounce Abu Dhabi - Everything You Need to Know

Posted On 05 -July-2022

The Bouncing activity in Abu Dhabi is one of the top charming indoor platforms in a portion of the Emirates. Here you will be provided all the sensational fulfilled things to do for the kids, as well as for the adults. Just like the bouncing castle in Dubai is an outstanding thing at a trampoline park. The Bounce Abu Dhabi is also famous. Besides, it is a straight improvement to the record of interest and prominent places to visit in Abu Dhabi. It is the top amazing and family-friendly place to explore and have fun with your loved ones. Formerly you get to recognize the facts of Bounce Abu Dhabi, you would begin planning a tour of this traveller's attraction of Abu Dhabi city. It is the true freestyle type of yard for every age group.

Bounce Abu Dhabi was unlocked on 1st November 2018. It has evolved into one of the promising indoor platforms. They are proposing fascinating and amusing activities for kids and adults as well. After the massive achievement of Bounce Dubai. A welcome improvement to the UAE's list of remarkable family-friendly interests. Here we will have a massive discussion about Bounce Abu Dhabi.

Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bounce Abu Dhabi - Brief Overview

Bounce Abu Dhabi is a freestyle court with its inception in Melbourne, Australia. Nowadays, they regulate 32 regions across four mainlands. It also has an outstanding existence in the United Arab Emirates. Along with departments operating in Dubai city, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain city.

The idea of "Bounce" is modest yet sensational. The indoor forum has interlinked trampolines. Along with airbags to smash your drop!

Some Additional Activities:

Kids from 3 and above 3 years old. As well as adults can admire an entertainer of adrenaline-pumping activities. Such as zip-lining, ‘ninja’ obstacle courses and slam-dunking. Bounce Abu Dhabi Trampoline Park is similarly one of the promising attractions in the Emirate. For visitors to unleash their internal gymnast.

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After its incredible accomplishment in Al Qouz, Dubai. It is compelled to launch in UAE's capital city in the year 2018. This is considerably huger in-floor magnitude than BOUNCE Dubai.

So, whether you are a thrill-seeker or a fitness buff. If somebody notices an enormous area to boost kids to have some physical activity, Bounce Abu Dhabi at Marina Mall is the attraction to explore and admire.

Let's further discuss the packages for their ticket price and the exact location. So that you will not face any hassle to arrive.

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Ticket Price:

Bounce Abu Dhabi provides a large variety of tickets and budget-friendly packages for visitors. Also, you will get to discover free parking spaces at Marina Mall. But do point out that since you come across a prominent platform in Abu Dhabi, it is better to reserver your tickets in advance.

Here is a summary of its ticket prices:

1. General Entry:

For the first hour, it costs 85 AED. Besides, for the second hour, it costs 70 AED. This entry is valid for jumpers longer than 3.7 ft.

2. Junior Members:

For the first hour, it commands 75 AED. Besides, for the second hour, it goes for 60 AED This entry is reasonable for jumpers shorter than 3.7 ft.

3. Premium Access:

For the first hour, it demands 105 AED. Besides, for the second hour, it goes for 90 AED

4. BOUNCE 2-Hour Superpass:

It costs 120 AED for 2 hours.

5. Multiple Visit Cards or MVP:

  • This card can accommodate 5 visit cards for the price of 400 AED
  • 10 visit cards cost 750 AED
  • 20 visit cards Cost 1350 AED

Location and Timing:


First Floor - Marina Mall - Abu Dhabi


  • From Saturday to Wednesday, it opens from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM
  • From Thursday to Friday, It unlocks from 10:00 AM till 12:00 AM | lady's day
  • On Wednesday, from 06:30 PM till Pm

Activities to Enjoy at Bounce Abu Dhabi

The idea of these activities is exceptionally electrifying. The indoor forum of the court has interrelated trampolines with all the airbags. These are the following activities, you must experience at least once in your life.

Free Jumping:

The kids can admire the free jumping trials in the room. Besides, the bounce spotlights have 100+ interlinked trampolines and the areas are massively brilliant and colorful.

X Park:

You will get to discover the X Park at Bounce Abu Dhabi. It is the territory, where you are supposed to function like a Ninja for free. You retain the X Park behind the wall inside the neighbourhood. This point in Abu Dhabi is available to all visitors, having a length of 4.1 ft.


Another activity is Dodgeball, which you can admire both with your companions and your families. At the Bounce Abu Dhabi, you will get the two top delighting Dodgeball castles. Besides, here you can generously take advantage of by uniting one team. That can accommodate around eight performers. Inside the playground, you will get massive airbags. containing a quantity of 200 cubic metres of oxygen.


You will get to cherish another activity here named "Performance". This is one of the top interesting activities for sports enthusiasts. Performance is the phrase of the developed arena of the "free jumping" zone. The area has a 5.5 m eternity panel. Besides, it is a wonderful spot for the jumpers to enmesh the elevation. It is a tremendous position, where you can indicate your athletic abilities. As well as, you can rehearse improving your flexibility and strength.

The Big Bag:

Before you schedule your visit to the progressive trampolines. You can nicely rehearse the hops. Besides, the flips on the significance of the Big Bag. The Massive Big Bag has a cumulative midst of 5 feet. Also, the people here are indicated to conserve a considerable distance. So that all visitors can bring about the true practice of the area and stay away from injuries.

Best Time to Explore Bounce Abu Dhabi

The best time to explore is constantly in September and October months. The moment from April to May is promising to reach the location. Also, have a straight tour to Bounce. The Spring season is promising when you can encounter the area and have an incredible time.

How to Reach?

To journey to Bounce in Abu Dhabi you can hire a taxi or a cab. Besides, obtain to the spot at the exact time. You are just required to compile the regional information from the home or Google Maps. They will make things easier to reach the place without hassle.

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