Dubai Ice Rink - All You Need to Know

Posted On 16-Aug-2022

The Dubai Ice Rink is a second next-level interest for first-timers. Or those who desire to comprehend their mastery. Whether you need to enjoy ice hockey, associate with buddies. Or just enjoy a wonderful moment. This platform is a promising place to chill at any moment of the year. There is also a spectrum of events and entertainment here. The place also contains all fundamental conveniences. Including a good observer perching or chilling in a bistro on the mezzanine region. Also, you can enjoy a hot beverage or snack while staring at the skaters. Moreover, protection is accessible at an insignificant fee. Including the counter of beverages and snacks.

Whether you need to take advantage of ice hockey, associate with companions. Or just have a big moment. This platform is a promising position to keep company with at any duration of the year. There is also a spectrum of games and entertainment here.

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink - Detailed information

Dubai Ice Rink also encompasses all basic conveniences including promising viewer seating. Or chilling for dinner in the mezzanine district. As well as admiring snacks and hot drinks, while enjoying the view of the snow-skating.

Snow skating would be the final element of your reason when enjoying your Tourism in the desert safari trip of Dubai. Emirates city is appreciated for being difficult and feasible. Besides, hence Dubai's snow-skating rink is considered the best illustration of a counterpart. The Dubai snow-skating rink is inside the Dubai Mall. As you all know, Dubai Mall is the top fancy mall on the planet.

Observe to Skate:

The slogan "Observe to Skate" is for learners and is available to all age groups from six to sixty years old. Furthermore, hospitable for those that desire to refine their mastery. Or barely expect to understand dignity on the ice.

Observing the Skate zone is given rise to for learners. It cheers everyone who ages from six to sixty. Similarly, available to those who aspire to polish their abilities. Or almost expect to increase enthusiasm on the snow. The ‘Penguin Pals’ are implied for kids, reading up to skate with modern skating assistance at Dubai snow-skating rink. But, these are available barley for kids below 100cm in height. The ‘Snowbabies’ is free for little youngsters to accustom themselves to the snow rink. The whole thing happens in a comfortable and accountable setting.

Penguin Pals:

The ‘Penguin Pals’ are for little children, discovering to skate with master skating reliefs at Dubai snow-skating rink. However, these are available only for youngsters under 100cm in height.

Snow babies

The ‘Snowbabies’ are generous to small kids to educate themselves with the ice rink skills. So they were eligible to skate in a safe and tempered atmosphere. Youngsters can admire a snow-skating rink and satisfy themselves with assorted movements. For example, jiggling with playthings. Once they are pleased travelling with this activity, the skating trainer will undertake to instruct the fundamentals of ice skating.

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Disco Terms:

There also are ‘Disco terms’ and ‘Mega Skate trials’ at this location. Her parents supply the pleasures of skating with their kids at an outstanding price and admire the snow. Moreover, for toddlers you retain a different deal, if the kid is under 100 cm shall be deemed a toddler.

The Dubai snow-skating rink is entirely a kids' peaceful thing. They can amplify their enthusiasm in the snow-skating rink through several activities. While you are happily walking around in the location. The instructor will undertake to educate the essentials of these amazing activities. You will also get to discover ‘Disco Sessions’ & ‘Mega Skate Sessions’.

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Highlights of Dubai Ice Rink:

  • Miss the queue and warm outside with your emphasis on entry tickets.
  • You can tour the ice rink for any duration of 24 hours a day.
  • Associate with your buddies, or only have a considerable moment here.
  • Over 2,000 sets of skates have been introduced from the prominent factory in Italy. To provide the best quality items to kids and adults of all age groups and sizes.
  • Take a bite at the cafes near the location.
  • The Dubai disco festivity is fastened every evening, from where you can join in in a huge amount. It is a very pleasing and exciting festivity. Not only the international visitors. But Dubai Mall's ice skating is a popular recreation around residents as well. Ice hockey & ice biking can also be accomplished at Ice Park. Besides, reasonable activity is provided by the mentors before anyone selects to get on for these two workouts at the ice rink.


The snow-skating is discovered on the Dubai Mall's ground floor. This activity's duration is from 1-hour or 5-minute trials. If it is not your cup of tea, then investigating the cafe and bistro inside the location is also the best alternative. The Olympic size one is in the very best circumstance. One could consume hours just glancing at different people having joy. The faculty inside the complex is very thoughtful and short. For all your inquiries they are prepared to submit their best service throughout your moment.

In the Dubai Mall, this activity is not just possible for you fellows. There are many extra things to do, which are properly reasonable and inexpensive at the same time. One can grab skating lessons here or can admire the disco skate night.

On the other side, there is an eatery inside the locale named the Frosty Cafe. From where you can have delicious snacks. Another activity other than this is the Al Nasr Ice Rink. This not just requires a tremendous skating encounter. But also furnishes contests for both grown-ups and children.


Timings are considered for this ice skating rink from 10:00 AM to 10:00 AM. However, it costs 25 Dirhams for a 2-hours session. Before going for this. Ensure that your clothing wraps your whole body. Hence putting on short clothes is commonly avoided. For a safe experience, it is suggested to put on sports footwear.

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