Love Lake Dubai - A Fairy Tale Attraction

Posted On 10-Oct-2022

Love Lake Dubai is eye-catching sightseeing of two massive heart-shaped lakes etched into the sand landscape. The perfect destination for Instagrammer and ideal for romantic couples. All the readers are wondering whether the location is real or not. Yes, it is real, would you like to see them? Here’s every detail for the beloved readers that crave to know about the Love Lake Dubai experience.

Love Lake Dubai

Love Lake - An Ultimate Information for Visitors

The entry to love lakes was made available in November 2018. It has been one of the overwhelming places to visit in Dubai. For those travel enthusiasts with fantasy in their hearts. It is a hot spot for duos, singles, young couples and even families. Each one of them gets some Instagram-worthy snaps of this attraction.

Encountered in the middle of an arid desert called Al Qudra or Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. Love Lake Dubai is a substantial district of two entangled heart-shaped lakes. It is encircled by Arabian dunes and fauna.


Love lake in Dubai camouflages a region of about 550,000 square metres. It’s so boundless that the structure of the lakes can only be looked at from the sky. But, you won’t be downhearted with the moment you have here. Because each inch of the area is consecrated to love. Along with the word ‘l-o-v-e made clear and heart-shaped, indications and patterns are everywhere you notice.

This heavenly situation moves on and holds up Dubai’s eco-tourism by getting an attraction that uses nature at its finest. You will get to explore eco-friendly things and be fulfilled in a promising way. From designated wooden boards to archways and walls formulated from simple gravel and distinctive bamboo water sinks.

Away from a fussing city routine, Love Lake Dubai is a relaxing convent to encircle yourself with nature and appreciate some modest moments. You’ll discover here multiple different ways of multicoloured flowers. The variations of the thicket, and about 16,000 numerous trees. Containing olives and the desert tack ghaf trees.

Essential Information:

Entrance Fee:

Big announcement for outdoor fans, entry to Love Lake Dubai is completely free.

But make sure you fuel up your car and have a quantity of battery energy for your phone or camera!


You can visit anytime you want because it is open 24 hours.

The Exposition of Love Lake Dubai

Do you indicate, remote from grabbing the top remarkable selfies and Instagram-worthy portraits at different locations around the water holes?

The rubber channel around the ponds with the elegant leafage around, practically 7km in duration, authorises for a great walk and jog.

Grab the alternative to bend your feet and stroll across the external bases of the lakes. You may be sure to explore the spot with some amazing fishes and ducks.

Receive your eyeglasses out for some bird eyeing while you place aboriginal and even nomadic birds. Or just hardly recline on the 'love' judiciaries while you imagine them singing.

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Glow up one of the flame voids and admire a barbecue party with your friends and family. Or merely roll out your cakewalk distance while the youngsters enjoy the bike rides.

Additionally, this attraction in Dubai is the perfect area to reach a wonderful nightfall with your loved ones. With no towering facilities to prevent feelings. You get unbroken perspectives of the glorious orange sky, as the sun sets on the high red dunes. Relax till after sunset and you may straight bring to place second stars and fixed-star as you brighten into the dark sky.

Amazing Thing to know about Love Lake Dubai:

  • The practice of operating a drone to apprehend aerial visions of love lake compels introductory authorization and the necessity to bring applicable statements.
  • Educating wilderness, comprising fish and birds, is rigorously restricted.
  • You can only plan barbecue parties and light campfire settings at the designated locations.
  • There is no eatery, place for eating out or drinking water installation available in the region.
  • Very insufficient bathroom installations are available and are just found in the car park area.
  • Ensure you bring trash bags to eliminate scrap. Any aspect of littering is not permitted and may result in damage to the territory.
  • If planning for an overnight stay in Dubai during the evening. It is prudent to obtain warm clothes as they can be relatively cold.

Extra Attractions Close to Love Lake Dubai

Here’s how you can make your holiday by naming it Love Lake in Dubai.

Al Qudra Cycling track:

This cycling track, which is 86km long, is an important objective among Dubai’s cyclists and fitness fanatics in Dubai. It is argued to be one of the promising cycling paths in the United Arab Emirates. Besides, you will discover learner cyclists, and entertainment riders, including top-class athletes using it. Bring your bicycles during sunrise or sunset and relish the cool moments and breeze while riding in the extraordinary impressions of the Arabian desert.

The track also delivers judiciaries and painted neighbourhoods for approving pauses. Besides, you will discover washrooms at the rental shops. Large portions of the path are not illustrated at nighttime. So make sure to be careful riding early.

Al Qudra Lake:

This territory is a compilation of mythical lakes enclosed by Arabian dunes requiring an elegant atmosphere. For stargazing, overnight camping and barbeque. This man-made spot is an environment for various lineages of birds and additional wildlife. You will be prepared to place ducks, black swans and flamingos. Also, if you are extremely fortunate maybe actually a limited free-wandering gazelle.

Al Qudra is available and invites campers to its amazing camping installation. It is one of the promising things to do in the UAE, also, entry is free.

The Last Exit:

If peeking to alleviate your food appetites, this setting has refreshments and dining facilities for you to want from. Discovered in an equestrian-motivated environment. This position also has a drive-thru and outside perching alternatives. As you bring your lunch or dinner from one of the food trucks, formulated to glance like horse RV

The Last Exit also has restroom installations and the opening hours are from 9 AM to 10 PM.

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