Dubai Dolphinarium - A Fascinating Location to Visit

Posted On 30-Aug-2022

As the years turn by, the fashionableness of Dubai Dolphinarium only appears to get on from stability to courage. Grab a look at our Dubai Dolphinarium guide to discover why this is one of the must-experience locations in Dubai city. Especially if you explore the city of the future with your kids in the family.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium - Brief Overview

  • A trip to this fascinating location is one of the top amazing family encounters you can admire in the city of the future.
  • Found inside Dubai Creek Park, the dolphinarium is handily vulnerable for families. To those living in the rental apartments in Oud Metha & Dubai Healthcare City.
  • The installation is circulated over a 54,000 sq. ft. area.
  • With 6 citizen bottlenose dolphins, Dubai Dolphinarium entices families and animal lovers from far and wide.
  • Along with the dolphins, the area is also the residence of more than 20 numerous exotic bird lineage and a community of seals

Although the speciality of this one is its dolphin and seal show. The Dubai Dolphinarium has an announcer of additional activities to keep you fascinated for hours. The completely air-conditioned installation guarantees the scorching desert hotness stays out. But if you're a first-timer in UAE's golden city. Then must explore the ultimate adventure of the Arabian desert. Whether you’re peeking for a one-of-a-kind encounter or a day out with the children. The dolphinarium wouldn’t dishearten you. And this Dubai Dolphinarium survey will guarantee you know precisely where the entertainment is.

The Traditional Dolphin and Seal Show:

Encountering a flawless procession you see the stunning dolphins give their best at the Dubai dolphin and seal show in the city of the future. The surprising abilities and mastery maintained by these seals and dolphins vacate the people in amazement. Admire the show as the cute creatures hop through hoops, sing, juggle, dance and play ball to accommodate an action-loaded achievement for you. The precious fur seals are also a portion of the display. The dolphin and seal show in the location seize an area in the major pool encircled by arena-attitude seating.

The Opening Hours:

  • The Dubai dolphin and seal show transpires customary from Monday till Saturday.
  • You can choose the timing out of three showtimes. That you can select from 11 AM, 2 PM and 6 PM.
  • 11:00 am shows you can expect to watch on Monday, Friday & Saturday are discounted events.

Tickets Costs:

  • Normal dolphin and seal show tickets price is 105 AED for grown-ups & 50 AED for kids.
  • VIP seating is priced at 125 AED for grown-ups and 85 AED for kids.
  • Normal tickets for reducing priced shows cost 75 AED for grown-ups & 45 AED for kids.

The Dolphin Planet in Dubai

Dolphin Planet is extra generally pertained to as “swimming with the dolphins”. Besides, a Dubai Dolphinarium survey would be insufficient without speaking of it. This training is enormous for those who like to meet with the dolphins and straight enjoy swimming with them. These adorable animals are a pleasure to stare at as they perform. However, the encounter of being up near and sentimental with them gets on the path beyond that. The full activity is overseen by superior dolphin coaches. To assure you have an encounter worth remembering.

The Opening Hours:

  • When you go swimming with the dolphins, you could select between shallow options. That would be deep swimming and shallow water experiences.
  • However, what trial do you select, swimming with the dolphins takes place from Monday to Saturday?
  • Accessible time openings contain 10 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM & 4 PM.
  • You must reserve your preferred timings in advance. Just call EXT 103 for a ticket booking.

Tickets Costs:

  • Different Groups: 475 Dirhams for Shallow Water Encounter & 630 Dirhams for Deep Swimming (per individual)
  • Different Groups: 1900 Dirhams for Shallow Water Encounter & 2500 Dirhams for Deep Swimming (for 3 individuals)

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show:

Looking to enjoy the foreign birds in action? The Creek Park Bird Show at Dubai Dolphinarium is only the fun, all you desire. The area houses 20 plus exotic birds & parrot varieties. They have been educated to accomplish stunts and meet with people. They will drift over your skulls, crouch on your shoulder and accomplish their auction. While you wonder at their elegance and opinion.

Get your tickets and observe Red-Billed Hornbill, Green Winged Macaws, Sun Conures, Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, and additional in action.

The Opening Hours:

  • The show occurs thrice daily except Sunday.
  • The timings of the show are 12:15, 03:15 PM & 07:15 PM.
  • The Creek Park Exotic Bird Show ticket's price is 30 AED for children and 50 AED for grown-ups

Addition Activities to Do in Dubai Dolphinarium

The 5D & 7D Cinema:

Encounter the elegance of actual existence at Dubai Dolphinarium’s 5D/7D Cinema. Stirring 3D cinema’s optical consequences with additional real and sensory feelings. This theatre enables you to ‘watch and feel’ the picture you see. The 7D cinema allows you to evolve the role of the film and sprout at numerous marks until the film endures. This is a different experience.

Passes for both, the 5D Cinema-Movie Ride & the 7D Cinema-Shooting Game are 25 Dirhams per individual for a session of 3-5 minutes.

The Trampoline Park:

The trampoline park at Dubai Dolphinarium isn’t only for little openings. It’s available for all age groups and creates entertainment. From when you allow your child inside you out while jumping off it. The fur marks and dolphins don’t need to be just animals conducting acrobatics at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Don’t delay in retaining a considerable moment with your loved ones.

Additional Information:

  • Access for kids below 2 years of age is free
  • Kids above 12 years old are considered grown-ups for tickets
  • Show timings can fluctuate any day, any moment without prior announcement.
  • Smoking is restricted inside the beliefs.
  • It is not pet-friendly
  • Bring Food or beverages from outside are not authorised
  • Access to the Dolphinarium is free. But you are charged for access to Dubai Creek Park
  • There are numerous Dubai Dolphinarium packages and discount offers accessible on apps. Like Cobone, Groupon and Entertainer.
  • If you’re holding your NOL card, just ensure you have 5 AED for each individual in your balance. To pay for the access. Or you can buy one at the Entry Gate access for 25 Dirhams.

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