Dune Buggy Dubai - An Epic Adventure in the Arabian Desert

Posted On 26-July-2022

Dubai city attracts international visitors, especially adventure pleaders alike. Because it offers numerous thrilling adventures, such as 4X4 safari, dune buggy riding, quad biking and hot air ballooning. However, you will find these adventures in overnight, morning and evening desert safari. They deliver an assortment of adventure activities. These sports have been steadily increasing in favour over the years. That is among both residents and international visitors alike.

If a fast-paced passage over a disputing landscape is what you are watching for. The dune buggy Dubai in the Arabian desert is the best activity for you. Investigate the ridges of Arabia and everything that it gives across the Dubai deserts on a polarised buggy. Wonder at the desert terrain and pursue the personality paths. As you inspect Arabian ridges and experiment with various manoeuvres.

Dune Buggy Dubai

Dune Buggy - Brief Overview

The natural landscape of the Dubai desert is astonishing. Also, if examining it over a fast-paced passage fascinates you, Dune Buggy and dirt bike riding are excellent for every adventure lover. Dissimilar dune bashing snatches are placed in 4×4 vehicles with licensed professional drivers. They are carrying particular driving licences. The buggies utilised for the dune buggy experience are minor, portable automotive vehicles with considerable, intense pressure tires for the sand ride. They are safe for learner drivers.

With no previous knowledge required, it is completely up to you how adventurous, fast and fascinating you would prefer to put together it for yourself. You can assign from sole buggies or tag along with your partner on the double-seated ones. It is the demanding landscape and the dramatic impressions of the terrain. That generates this courageous activity so adventurous but fascinating.


The best dune buggy experience will be provided right here


The dune buggy Dubai packages are starting from 950 AED for 1 hour and 1800 AED for 2 hours.

Dress code:

To conserve yourself from the sun's heat and sand. it is suggested to put on long-sleeved shirts. You can select to wear shrugs or light jackets relying on the weather. Also, if you are intending to stay overnight in the Arabian desert. Tight-toe shoe chore beat and will be most satisfied for experiencing the dune buggies. You can predict sand to reap in your hair also. So, for this, you can wear a scarf or cap or hat.

Why is Dune Buggy Dubai so Famous?

Once you are prepared to grab the supervision of your desert dune buggy. You can undertake the difficult ridges of Arabia all by yourself. Get glad to encounter the journey of a lifetime as you undertake a fun-filled excursion into the Arabian deserts.

If dune buggy riding is a pure thrill you would appreciate trying, Here are some ticket options, so you can select it as per hour wise. Founded on your regions of curiosity and time availability. You can assign one that prefers you the fairest.

Admire Desert Sceneries:

Fulfil the natural paths in the Arabian sand as you analyse the Dubai desert on your high-performance dune buggy ride. This personal exploration activity will allow you to investigate the entire Arabian desert terrain by yourself. Follow the instructions from your guide as they lead you into the Dubai desert. They are enabling you to excavate the comprehensive territory in your stride.

Suitable for Learners:

Dune buggy riding can be an effort by those who retain no previous knowledge or experience. Your educator will cross all the dos and don’ts of dune buggy Dubai. He will make sure that you are prepared for this ultimate adventure. Because it is one of the best doors to inspect the beauty of the Arabian desert. You can go for single-seated or double-seated buggies, as per your priority.

Satisfied and Valuable:

As well as furnishing you with obvious instructions. Your trainer will also provide you with a variation of safety gear. Such as knee pads, elbow pads, goggles and helmets. Since the winds can be so strong while riding a buggy so fast. You should constantly ensure your eyes and ears. All you need to do is obey the advice of your instructor.

What Experience You will get from Dune Buggy Dubai?

The Smooth Ride:

Rodgers can look forward to an adventurous but smooth ride into the soul of the Arabian desert. You can also choose the package option to get picked up from your location in Dubai. Afterwards, enjoy the ride to the Arabian desert via a 4X4 safari and dune buggy in Dubai. It generates your journey transfer hassle-free.

Dubai Desert:

Once you arrive at the designated location, you will drive the overdue single, double or four-seater polarised dune buggy. The peak of your encounter. Your guide will notify you about the dos and don'ts before the ride. Afterwards, you can start your riding round. All you need to perform is to pursue your guide into the Dubai desert for an exciting happening.

The Bedouin Camp:

Relying on your choice, either you desired to enjoy the desert safari experience along with the dune buggy Dubai tour. For this, you will be explored an established Bedouin camp, from where you can satisfy with a variety of sand activities and Bedouin camp services. Such as

  • Quad biking
  • camel riding
  • 4X4 safari
  • Sandboarding
  • Henna Designing
  • Unlimited Refreshments or Cold / Hot Beverages
  • Live Entertainment Shows
  • Arabian Dress Photography
  • BBQ Buffet Dinner with veg & non-veg options

However, live entertainment comes with exotic performances of Belly dance, Tanoura Dance and Fire Show. Then after, you will be regaled to a delicious BBQ buffet dinner with a broad arrangement of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to select from.


After enjoying the best desert experience you will be dropped off back at your doorstep or hotel in Dubai. On the other side, if you opt for an overnight desert safari, the tourism operator lets you stay the whole night at the Bedouin camp. They arrange a private tent, sleeping bags and the next morning breakfast for you.

Tips to Operate Dune Buggy in Dubai

  • Listen to your guide at all times. Make sure that you obey their advice and guidance.
  • Your guide will furnish you with safety equipment. Such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and goggles. Ensure that the helmet suits you appropriately.
  • Carry a water bottle with you. It is essential to keep hydrated.
  • Take on necessities, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, caps etc and wear satisfied clothes.
  • Fasten seat belts at all periods. This will guarantee your protection during your ride.
  • Always ride with a warning. Dune buggies verge out to be insufficient and may be tough to place, particularly around corners.

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