The Lost Chamber Aquarium - Discover Dubai's Wonders

Posted On 12-Jun-2023

The Neglected Chambers Marine Park in the city center is a popular destination for both children and adults.

This is the most opulent park, and it is housed within the prestigious Atlantis The Palm high-rise. Furthermore, it serves as an unrivaled realm for education and entertainment in the surrounding area. Dubai is quickly establishing itself as a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. It has a plethora of retail centers, lodging, and other enticements to renew oneself before departure.

The title of this article is derived from the legendary vanished metropolis of Atlantis. It tells the story of this Dubai urban metropolis and introduces you to approximately 65,000 aquatic creatures that live in the abyssal depths.

The entire building is made up of subaqueous passageways and labyrinths, with roughly 20 displays. This allows you to interact with a wide range of marine creatures.

  • perilous sharks
  • piranhas
  • eels
  • lobsters
  • turtles
  • seahorses

Lost Chambers Aquarium - An Enchanting Highlights

Lost Chamber Aquarium


Its location is within the primary Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates' gleaming city of Gold.

Operating Hours:

You can proceed to investigate this attraction from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.


Please keep in mind that the Forgotten Chambers Aquatic Habitat's operating schedule may change depending on the day's events.

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Lost Chambers Aquarium Ticket Price:

The aquatic gallery features a variety of displays and experiences that can be combined. Nonetheless, a necessary admission pass is required. Tickets to the Forgotten Chambers Aquarium start at 111 AED per person. This includes access to the location as well as a theatrical presentation centered in Dubai with a water-centric theme. Alternatively, for around 254 AED per person, you can participate in the unrivaled Snorkel Expedition.

Furthermore, for around 468 AED per person, you may combine the famed Aquaventure aquapark with the Lost Chambers aquatic environment pass. This option is more cost-effective, as it allows you to visit all of the park's attractions as well as the marine exhibition in a single day.

Number of Funs at the Lost Chambers Aquarium


The prestigious Abyssal Chamber Marine Showcase in Dubai is well-known for its enthralling subaqueous expeditions within the magnificent Ambassador Hollow in Dubai. Prior swimming experience is not required, and children (minimum age of six) are gladly invited to join you on this enthralling adventure.

A snorkeling adventure among an assortment of amazing marine species provides an exceptional opportunity to establish familial bonds in Dubai. Following a thorough introduction, you will be outfitted with a snorkel, mask, and buoyancy assistance. As you glide effortlessly, the lively underwater habitat comes to life, revealing breathtaking sights.

You can enhance your experience by participating in Aquatrek, a unique activity that involves traversing and breathing underwater. This incredible feat is accomplished within the Ambassador Lagoon itself, thanks to a painstakingly designed helmet. This expedition's adrenaline rush is unrivaled, completely fulfilling its appropriate moniker.

2. Fish Tale

This personalized expedition is aimed at individuals who are passionate about learning and is conducted in English. Throughout this enlightening and instructive journey, you will get the opportunity to see firsthand the exquisite care given to over 65,000 aquatic organisms within this subterranean exhibition of marine life.

You will also be taken to the in-house piscine infirmary and breeding grounds. It is here that newborn creatures are fed, while old residents receive specialized care.

The entire tour takes place on the uppermost terrace of the Ambassador Lagoon, giving you a vantage position to see the aquarium's biggest display viewable from the water's surface.

You will also be taken to the in-house piscine infirmary and breeding grounds. It is here that newborn creatures are fed, while old residents receive specialized care.

The entire tour takes place on the uppermost terrace of the Ambassador Lagoon, giving you a vantage position to see the aquarium's biggest display viewable from the water's surface.

3. Aquarium Dives:

The aquatic museum offers a wealth of diving opportunities for daring travelers to enjoy within this underwater gorge. The Atlantis Dive Expedition is an excellent alternative for inexperienced divers.

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This program includes fundamental skills and approaches, as well as opportunities to interact with resilient problems and fascinating butterflies, as well as a variety of other beings inhabiting the submerged and age-old metropolis of Atlantis.

Certified divers can enjoy the peaceful rhythm of shared respiration among magnificent splendor while also marveling at the leftovers of a single-tank subaquatic excursion.

The Apex Plunge is the pinnacle and most exciting, painstakingly constructed for daring people wanting an adrenaline-fueled encounter. It allows you to hand-nourish fourteen different shark species that live in the Ambassador Lagoon.

4. The Haunted Chamber Parties:

Atlantis, The Palm hosts and supports a variety of celebrations and jubilations throughout the year. Among them is the approaching All Hallows' Eve. The famous Halloween Soirée at Atlantis allows guests to explore the Enchanted Chambers. Prepare to be startled by extraordinary underwater species and enjoy an unforgettable evening of mirth, complete with spine-chilling disguises, midnight shows at the aquatic museum, and candy-collecting exploits.

5. Aqua Theatre Shows:

These aquatic theatre performances are ideal for families with curious and young children, as they encourage interactive participation. They will entertain your children throughout your tour in Dubai, accompanied by knowledgeable divers who will educate you on many aspects of diving and marine life. The show concludes with a spectacular feeding display that is likely to attract youngsters of all ages.

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