Fontana Water Circus - A Dubai Guide for Visitors

Posted On 24-Jan-2023

Appreciate a lovely evening of fascinating stunts and tricks? On the limitation of your heart activity has anchored in Dubai Festival Bay. This winter the foremost impression of the Fontana water circus in Dubai will enhance your entertainment. It is introduced by HAT Entertainment in teamwork with the Arts community in Beirut named as "Cirque du Liban".

Fontana Water Circus Dubai - A Comprehensive Introduction

Fontana Water Circus Dubai

Rolling, Rolling and rolling, the enchanting ld-style family show for entertainment below the extraordinary top has come Dubai!

Encounter cliche creature renditions, this contemporary circus show combines amazing captains, thrilling tricks of artists, and the significance. On the other side, the Dancing Musical Fountain nourishes a lovely aquatic spectacle in live entertainment performances. Likewise, the evening desert safari of 4-hour, 6-hour and 18-hour tour. From where three wonderful live performances are arranged to fascinate the visitors.

But this concert stays for 2-hour and is maintained in an outstanding circus gazebo in Festival City. An assortment of choreography, art, and technology, Fontana is take place on a custom-made marine stage. They anticipate irresponsible acrobatics to bring in over into melodious singing and thrill-loaded procedures from motorbike hops to accuracy projectile.

Although ingredients of the stage shows are further equipped for kids (primarily the funny attainment). Meanwhile, grown-ups can yet easily have a delightful evening also.

Noisy, entertaining and spirited, you’ll certainly learn yourself saving your breath. As the multinational actors of circus do unimaginable activities.

Craving exta funfilled presumptions in Dubai city? Hold all the lawbreaker conducts and occasions in Dubai during this season.

Fontana Water Circus Show Address and Opening Hours

Fontana’s Dubai occupancy is met at the Dubai Festival City. Here is a certain circus bower has been collected nearing Lulu’s visit at the mall. Meanwhile, you can easily park your vehicles behind the belvedere. Also, the parking is totally covered.

You will get to watch and enjoy eight number of Fontana shows per week in their onset schedule. Along with a an exposition-to-stand area

  • On Wednesday & Thursday, you can watch and enjoy the show from 7 PM to 9 PM
  • On Friday & Saturday, you can watch and enjoy the show from 4 PM to 6 PM. Regardless, there is one more opening hours, which is from 7 PM to 9 PM.
  • On Sunday, you can enjoy the show from 11 AM to 1 PM. Regardless, there is one more opening hours, which is from 4 PM to 6 PM.

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Time Period:

The entrances of the Fontana show available for the visitors an hour prematurely. However, they are dissimilar from the snack privilege shelf. There’s not broadly to complete inside so we advice you arrive virtually 15 to 20 minutes prior. So you could fetch loo recesses, snacks and fetch your seats easily. (The entrances of the Rostrum show unlock for audience about 30 minutes before than the show pops up).

The foremost execution keeps up about 60 minutes after, observers will get to glimpse a 15-minute break tracked down by the prior 15-30 minutes of the theatre.

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What to Hope About Fontana Show?

This is the point to catch some tremendous accomplishments. Fontana Water Circus shows encompasses all of it. Contain the especially progressive haven of the water containing theatre. The audience will relish the hypnotizing performances of fictional circus acts. Populate your watching positions to notification the theatre's dancers, aerialists, and various admirable circus happiness. Furthermore, if much is not satisfactory, the total possession is taken by a musical dancing fountain. So, the UAE's golden city, Dubai obtains set to confront a circus-motivated ever. Yet, if you are guessing about prices of entry tickets and other things, then keep scrolling!

Ticket Price:

Presently the entry tickets were obtainable on discounted rates. Meanwhile, the discount was applicable from 30 September 2022 till 30 October 2022.

  • Remarkable water circus performers at Fontana Dubai Festival City site.
  • Outstanding aerialists are one of the best entertainers of Fontana.
  • How much is the Fontana shows having best seats?

The response for every of your questions is that the Fontana tickets are branched out into five category types depending on your seat location the hall.

  • The classes for Gold and Silver tickets for your exclusive seating areas ringside expense 300 Dirhams & 250 Dirhams per person respectively.
  • Regardless, the entry tickets under 200 Dirhams are attainable for a raised grandstand hub. (the cost for Blue is 130 Dirhams, Red for 180 Dirhams, and Green for 90 Dirhams)

Do you get water Splash during the Fontana Water Circus Performances?

We get that few slight ones admire this fun, meanwhile, some don't like it. From what we summed up, no, you won't get a water splash. The water from the act embarks is literally up, not outside. Furthermore, the front row seats are not ought to use raincoats to avoid splash. As we’ve glanced in additional water theatres. Then, do be aware they may obtain splashed by the artists though.

  • The chaotic stand and formation of the Fontana seat rows.
  • The grandstand-plagiarised rows key outstanding perspectives of the movement from wherever you’re positioned.
  • Other legendary things you’ll wish for to comprehend about Fontana.
  • The least age boundary to enjoy the show is more than 2 years old. (though we indicated out the numeral of infants available in the audience. So do not load loud audio and disturbing lights if you bring under 2 years old kid with you. It is not healthy for them.
  • It is also not allowed to take pictures or filming during the water stage show (yet nonentity is ceasing you. Everybody glimpsed to film a video or take pictures during the theatre)
  • Face masks are suggested to bring with you, however, they are not mandatory to wear the United Arab Emirates. Still, you may wish for to cover your face in a a crowd, so you can.
  • Foods from outside are not permitted, only you can buy at the stall inside the venue. That can be fetched at the Grandstand.
  • The gigantic ceiling is air conditioned to a admirable temperature. However, understanding Dubai city, bring a jacket, shawl or woolen sweater to keep warm yourself, if it evolves too chilly inside the hall.

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