Lotus Mega Yacht - All You Need to know about Dubai Travel

Posted On 27-Mar-2023

Dubai is a location where you can encounter exceptional exploits that cannot be paralleled elsewhere. An instance of such a pursuit is the Lotus Mega Yacht, which provides a cutting-edge aquatic sanctuary.

The craft exhibits splendid multi-tiered edifices and awe-inspiring feats of architecture, in addition to unmatched leisurely undertakings. If you desire a respite from the monotonous, this vessel is not your typical ship. guide to the Lotus Mega Yacht.

Instead, it is one of the most extensive vessels that traverse the waters of Dubai. Let us scrutinize what this mammoth and ultra-sumptuous ship have in stock for you, via this all-inclusive examination.

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Lotus Mega Yacht Dubai - A Brief Overview

Lotus Mega Yacht

The Lotus Mega Yacht is renowned as a spectacular craft that operates as a conclusive and all-encompassing celebration site in Dubai's Marina waters. Its sophisticated and lustrous exterior, combined with its stunning interior.

That boasts exceptional facilities and amusement alternativrenderingnder it is one of the most sought-after preferences for individuals searching for a matchless sailing encounter in Dubai city.

You have the choice to select one of the vessel's options, such as the Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner or the Evening/Sunset Cruise, or lease the whole craft to commemorate your exceptional events with elegance.

Specification Overview:

The mega yacht's length spans around 240 feet and was built back in 2017 before Dutch Oriental procured it.

This craft can be employed for organizing assemblies and honoring your exceptional events.

It exhibits nine chambers and is managed by a crew of twelve. Additionally, the yacht flaunts five levels and can house as many as 500 invitees.

Proprietor Of Lotus Mega Yacht:

Dutch Oriental possesses and oversees some of the priciest and biggest crafts, in addition to the luxurious Lotus Mega Yacht. Their collection of vessels consists of numerous colossal ships and cruises that navigate the Dubai Creek and Marina vicinity, including their recently acquired alternatives:

  • The sleek Arabian Pearl.
  • The Desert Rose.
  • The supreme Ocean Empress.

These options present one of the most unparalleled dhow cruise encounters that can be found in Dubai. The cruises are exceedingly roomy and all-inclusive, presenting superior entertainment choices on board.

Top Facilities Onboard Lotus Mega Yacht

The vast craft measures around 30,000 square feet and delivers comprehensive amenities and provisions throughout its five tiers.

It exhibits more than ten chambers, among which is a living area of 3,000 square feet. One of the most notable aspects of the vessel is its luxurious nightspot, capable of accommodating as many as 200 invitees.

In terms of entertainment options, the yacht presents a 60-seat movie theater, complete with a 400-square-foot display, and various amusement zones on each level. The onboard leisure facilities are also impressive, providing a range of choices to suit all guest preferences, such as a

  • temperature-controlled pool.
  • hydraulic canopy deck.
  • private Jacuzzi.

It can accommodate approximately 40,000 liters of water, making it usable all year round.,/

Lotus Mega Yacht Sunset Cruise:

This distinctive voyage is only available on weekends specifically on Fridays and Saturdays and presents an assortment of ticket alternatives for a 2.5-hour expedition. One can select the Lotus Mega Yacht Sunset Sail which comes with a lunch/dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. Alternatively, one can choose the package that incorporates food along with entry to the unbarred bar

For a truly extraordinary encounter, the VIP admission offers exclusive seating with limitless refreshments. If your itinerary encompasses it, you may indulge in a lavish global buffet featuring a blend of Western and Asian delicacies.

  • live cooking depots.
  • BBQ specialties.
  • An expansive array of salads & desserts.

While you indulge in your meal and drinks, the most notable aspect of the voyage is the awe-inspiring vistas that unfold throughout the journey. You can feast your eyes on the magnificent sights of the renowned Burj Al Arab, the Ain Dubai, and the Atlantis, The Palm. Capturing magnificent photographs of these landmarks and their exquisite environs is possible.

Enjoy a clear and distinctive perspective of the water, far from the masses. Revel in the magnificent sunset panoramas alongside the ever-changing cityscape before making your way back to the coastline.

Ticket Price:

The assortment of available tickets fluctuates based on the package inclusions, which also include reduced rates for kids between 3 to 10 years of age. The following is a price breakdown of the Dinner Cruise tickets:

  • VIP tickets have a price of 499 AED or 140.05 USD.
  • Tickets with food and standard drink offerings have a cost of 349 AED or 97.95 USD.
  • Tickets with food and soft drink options a cos249 AED or 69.88 USD.
  • Tickets for children have a price of 199 AED or 55.85 USD.


  • Boarding time: from 03:00 PM till 08:30 PM.
  • Escape time: 03:30 PM.
  • Cruise stop time: at 09:00 PM.

Marked Things To Acknowledge Before the Tour:

  • The Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise commences and concludes its journey at Pier 7, situated outside Dubai Marina Mall.
  • While on board, patrons can avail themselves of various amusement areas and highlighted installations, and appreciate live exhibitions by astounding performers, like the Tanura show and a whimsical puppet show.
  • All packages for Lotus Mega Yacht incorporate deluxe five-star dining, featuring a fusion of Asian and Western fare, along with limitless refreshments.
  • However, alcohol is solely provided if it is included in your cruise deal. Tourists must furnish valid identification, such as a driver's license, passport, or Emirates ID.
  • The nautical itinerary and opportunities for sightseeing are reliant on weather conditions.

The Finish Line:

For an exceptional aquatic tour in Dubai, the Lotus Mega Yacht delivers beyond mere cruising. Alongside stunning views, this experience boasts delectable dining, exceptional beverages, uninterrupted live entertainment, and unforgettable moments.

This promise of an extraordinary escape can be explored by selecting from a diverse array of packages or entrusting our team to help you optimize your Lotus Mega Yacht experience in Dubai.

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