Khorfakkan Dubai - An Ultimate Travel Guide

Posted On 17-Apr-2023

Khorfakkan thrives as an urban center situated in the emirate of Sharjah, prized for its fertility and nestled as a precious jewel within the vastness of the Oman Sea.

Notably, it boasts the only viable and extensive port, aside from the majestic Hajar Mountains. Further increasing its significance. Our itinerary includes a voyage from Dubai and its environs to Khorfakkan. It is providing an opportunity to experience its splendor firsthand.

Embarking at daybreak from Dubai aboard a 4x4 vehicle, we shall journey towards the northeast. Alternatively, you may opt to utilize the E311 transit service from Sharjah Airport, which will transport you directly to your desired location

Bossing to Khorfakkan

Khorfakkan Dubai

The Sharjah Government's recent construction of a new roadway is a feat of engineering. That has drastically reduced travel time from Dubai City by half. From approximately 90 minutes to an impressive 40 minutes. This feat can be attributed to the restricted presence of heavy-duty trucks and trailers on the road.

This thoroughfare branches out from the Sharjah segment of Emirates Road, E311, or Bypass Road. Spanning approximately 89 kilometers and featuring five underpasses.

Every subterranean passage through the rocky Hajar Mountains improves your trip and boosts driving ease. The most extensive tube is 2.5 kilometers massive, and the greatest terrestrial tube is located in the Middle East. The perfectly sandy path that leads to Khorfakkan presents an unobstructed choice for accessing Khor Fakkan without delay from Dubai.

Nevertheless, one of the numerous restaurants positioned along the thoroughfare could discourage you.

The avenue running along both sides looks smooth, resembling the asphalt. If your destination is Khor Fakkan, shut your eyes and enjoy peacefulness.

The experience of crossing the Hajar Mountain range in your vehicle will most likely be exhilarating. The gusts of wind could unexpectedly become more intense and briny. Most visitors acknowledge the Hajar Mountain range as one of the oldest mountain formations worldwide. Although not exceptionally high, they are remarkably craggy and covered in topography.

These mountains will defend you and your friends along the Khorfakkan Sea & sometimes congregate too.

Khorfakan Al Rufasah Dam:

A remarkable reservoir lies beyond ordinary tourist spots. The dam emits a captivating, peaceful, and soothing vibe that might convince you to prolong your stay. It turns lively during the monsoon period. Ar Rufasah Dam contains an excess of azure water that can engulf your senses and fulfill your spirit. The presence of a dam in the Arabian desert is an exceptional sight to witness.

Just a handful of guests dare to come to this place, creating an optimal chance for self-reflection. Seize images, appreciate the opulent flora nearby, and enjoy some well-deserved solitude. At both sunset and dawn, the lake, reservoir, sun, and atmosphere blend into a stunning symphony.

Khor Fakkan Beach:

The UAE's most breathtaking shoreline is Khor Fakkan Beach, which radiates an aura of seclusion, clarity, and unparalleled peace. Located close to the Hajar Mountains, this beach provides an unparalleled experience, particularly when seen from afar. It's a perfect spot for basking in the sun, relaxing, and immersing oneself in calmness while listening to the ocean's gentle undulation.

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The shore of Khor Fakkan in the UAE is unparalleled in its beauty, radiating an aura of seclusion, clarity, and complete peace. Nestled near the Hajar Mountains, this coastline presents a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience, especially when gazing at it from afar. It's the perfect spot for sunbathing, relaxing, and experiencing inner peace with the tranquil rhythms of the sea

Khorfakkan Beach Things to Do

The coastal stretch of Khorfakkan and its indigenous population present an extensive range of diverse and numerous pastimes. These include observing the aquatic flora and fauna, or dozing off while listening to the soft, rhythmic sound of the waves. The experience of reclining on the shore is similar to immersing yourself in a captivating book while savoring a non-alcoholic mojito. Spending time at Khorfakkan Beach is an enriching experience, and the options for indulging in activities are as follows:

1. Shark Island:

Despite possibly causing doubt in some visitors, it is imperative to not leave prematurely, as there have been no recorded shark attacks at Khorfakkan Beach. On the contrary, visitors have the opportunity to witness the astonishing sight of black-tip reef sharks, which are highly visible from November to April. Snorkeling is a highly favored activity here, with the chance to catch a glimpse of fish and turtles. However, it is prudent to be aware of your surroundings.

Khorfakkan Beach provides a complete day of entertainment. The idea is to take advantage of the barbecue amenities, fully-equipped tents, comfortable carpets, and a plethora of companions for amusement. Whether you choose to run, jog, swim, submerge yourself, unwind, or observe the passing of time in the azure sea, even idleness can bring a sense of satisfaction.

2. Dibba Island:

A regular handbook is not enough to cover the exceptional and usually impressive sea creatures found at Khorfakkan Beach. Dibba Island is regularly explored by avid marine enthusiasts. Additionally, those who snorkel owe it to themselves to witness the island's outstanding collection of underwater landscapes. A basic plunge can enthrall your perceptions and enhance your adventure. This island, specifically, houses a diverse array of marine inhabitants, such as.

  • jawfish
  • turtles
  • Clownfishbatfish
  • An assortment of soft & stony coral

3. Coral Gardens:

We must seize that aquatic life is not all about

  • chilling sharks
  • quick sailfish
  • The conspicuously nice clown fish
  • The eight-limbed octopus
  • The smart dolphins
  • The reliable sardines
  • The jumbo whales

Moreover, the splendor of the oceanic scenery can be credited to the awe-inspiring coral formations. This phenomenon is not uncommon at Khorfakkan Beach, where guitar sharks and crocodile fish can frequently be observed in the vicinity of the sandbank. The Khorfakkan Coral Garden is an excellent spot to encounter both the guitarist and crocodile fish.

4. Friday Market:

You will indeed respect or be beguile to accept three extraordinary outcomes from this market.

  • Fruits
  • Earthen Potteries
  • Carpets

The Friday Market's name is often misleading, causing confusion among visitors who question how a marketplace could be operational on a Friday. However, the fact is, it functions similarly to a thriving stock market.

Be sure to have your camera ready as the market is brimming with an array of fresh fruits and expertly crafted earthenware, making it a perfect pitstop. If you possess photography skills, the vendors are aware of it and will gladly pose with a smile to let you capture a snapshot.

Khor Fakkan Travel & Timings

Khorfakkan is a pivotal stopover along the itinerary while exploring the United Arab Emirates. To make the most of it, begin early if staying in Dubai for a 24-hour visit. Additionally, it provides an alternate route to bypass the traffic congestion of Emirates Road and head towards Al Dhaid and Sharjah.

Take in the view of one-humped camels while on your way. Following a 20-minute trip, the route bends towards the sophisticated and contemporary Khor Fakkan Road. It demands a 45-minute ride, and you will eventually arrive at the breathtaking shoreline.

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