Fish Market Dubai - A Detailed Guide for Visitors

Posted On 10-Apr-2023

Nowadays, there is a growing appetite for seafood in the UAE, leading to substantial investment and growth in the country's fish market Dubai thing. Angling is a crucial constituent of UAE customs. The predecessors of the emirates leaned on fishing as inhabitants of the arid region, with scarce irrigation for farming. Despite the abundance of trawl in the Gulf, the turbulent trawling tides were formidable. Even in the absence of present-day sophisticated methodologies.

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Fish Market Dubai - What To Expect?

Fish Market Dubai

The importance of seafood as a food commodity lies mainly in its high-quality complete proteins that contain all necessary amino acids. Other essential nutrients, such as fats, vitamins, and minerals, can also be found in the trawl.

The most nutritious part of the trawl is its flesh, which includes muscles, and small bones. As well as, ligaments, fatty tissue, and blood vessels. The meat typically constitutes 35-69% of the overall weight of the seafood.

Additionally, the gonads and liver of the fish can also be consumed in Dubai City. The chemical composition of trawl meat varies significantly across different species. They are categorized into three groups based on their fat content:

  • lean (containing no more than 2% fat)
  • medium-fat (containing 2%-fat)
  • fatty (with a fat content exceeding 5%)

They typically contain 16-20% nitrogen compounds.

Unlike humans, they are ectothermic or cold-blooded, meaning that their body temperature is variable and heavily influenced by their environment.

Fish possess a tail and backbone, along with gills for respiration and scales covering their bodies. It is believed that they began to evolve approximately 480 million years ago. Fins are essential for maintaining balance, propelling, and steering through the water. Most of them have paired fins and individual fins along the midline. The caudal fin or tail fin is located centrally and is primarily used to propel the trawl forward.

Fish and Its items:

When they die, they undergo physical and chemical transformations that lead to spoilage due to the actions of enzymes and microorganisms.

A slimy film forms on the surface of the body, and the muscles lose their fluidity and elasticity. Protein, fats, and other compounds begin to ferment, decompose, and undergo bacterial degradation.

These decay processes lead to noticeable changes in the chemical composition of the tissues. The skin becomes soft and develops a dull greenish hue, while cavities and gas bubbles form in the flesh.

The bones can separate from the meat. Due to their susceptibility to bacterial decomposition, fish are not suitable as raw materials.

Fish & Food Quality in Dubai:

Food fish are subject to testing to determine their quality and ensure that they are free from contaminants. These tests help ensure the freshness of the products and detect the presence of parasites, which can be harmful to human health.

Various methods are used to examine the integuments, skin, gills, muscle tissue, and internal organs of the trawl. The measurement of the products adheres to relevant principles and criteria. In addition to marking items fit for local consumption, food testing stations issue value certificates. For high-quality fish products produced for export by their industry firms and cooling plants.

Frozen Fish in Dubai

To prevent spoilage, trawl, and other aquatic products are processed through methods such as freezing, salting, or roasting. Washed them to make up the majority of the frozen fish in whole carcasses or parts. While fillets typically originate from larger trawl found in the oceans.

Cod and whale blubber serve as raw materials for pharmaceutical production. Other products derived from their support animal feed and industrial applications. Including, fish meals, glue, guanine, and Perl essence. These products are derived from the waste generated during fish processing or from trawl that is unsuitable for human consumption

Having covered various aspects of fish and its products, one may wonder about the location of the Fish Market in Dubai

Fish Market in Dubai

The Fish Market in Dubai is located at the Waterfront Market, a prominent retail and fresh food shop in the heart of the city. The Waterfront Market seamlessly merges traditional Emirati culture. The city's multicultural vibe results in a futuristic complex.

The market pays homage to its rich history and the iconic Deira Fish Market location. While also providing a contemporary, cutting-edge facility on the current Deira Corniche. It is the hub of Dubai's fish trade, and its emphasis on freshness sets it apart from other shops.

Deira Fish Market:

Regarding the Deira area, fish market and the products it offers, the market has been providing fresh catches and produce to customers in the UAE since 1958.

This legacy has been carried forward with the construction of the modern Waterfront market. Besides, spans an impressive 120 thousand square meters. The emerging Waterfront market features a plethora of leading food and drink chains, convenience stores, a multifunction hall, and a Hypermarket in Lulu.

It remains one of the most sought-after markets in the country for fresh foods such as seafood, beef, poultry, fruit, vegetables, dry produce, and dates. The retail experience has been enhanced with 770 underground parking spaces. Besides, the 470 outdoor parking spaces, along with a dedicated seafood auction area. It is no surprise that more than 800,000 locals, tourists, and shoppers visit the Waterfront Market every month


From the establishment of the Emirate, angling has taken place in Dubai - well before notions such as Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah even existed. This tradition is being carried on by the Waterfront Market in Dubai's traditional center. The growing business has integrated advanced technologies and gear to boost efficiency and reduce waste.

These advancements also enable fishermen to directly load fresh seafood onto and off their dhows, ensuring optimal freshness. In addition to seafood, the Waterfront Market offers fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat, making it a convenient destination for residents.

The shop area is a bustling commercial hub, and observing the worker's angling activities. It is most enjoyable during the morning hours. It is a thrilling experience, with the aroma of freshly caught seafood and the cacophony of conversations permeating the atmosphere. As you weave through the aisles lined with a vast assortment of seafood sourced from nearby regions like Oman and India. The prices are significantly more reasonable than in other locations (bargaining is customary). Having a few essential Arabic phrases at your disposal is the most astute strategy for navigating the market.

Fish Market Taste

Indulge in a respite and relish a midday meal in one of Dubai's market eateries, savoring the sights and sounds. Yahya Seafood is renowned for its Tom Yum broth, and explosive creams. Besides, exquisite seasonings are sourced from the demand and consumed in an Arabic style. For a taste of local cuisine, one may visit Finyaal Cafe and delight in the traditional Karak Tea, Arab coffee, Chebab, and Ballet.

Dubai Fish Market Products:

Seafood Products:

The seafood section offers a variety of options, including cod, hammers, prominent Omani creeks, and other sustainable choices. LilikeJesh, Faskar, and Shari, including pink ear Emperor. Out of the 435 stalls that vend raw cuts, 43 specialize in dried trawl, while 18 sell live trawl and crustaceans from aquariums.

In the case of meat, numerous stands offer lamb, beef, chicken, and camel cuts that are locally sourced or procured from other regions. The items are freshly selected, and one need not worry about uniformity when choosing their desired quantity.

The Products:

One of the top locations to procure eco-friendly marine merchandise is the Waterfront Market. Even though typical Hammer and Kingtrawl may be obtainable at this venue. The preferable approach is to opt for more innate substitutes like Shari (the pink ear emperor), twin bar Seabream, and Jesh (yellow bar angelfish). A notable aspect of this offer is the substantial, ample Omani crevices.

Meat Products:

One of the top locations to procure eco-friendly marine merchandise is the Waterfront Market. Even though typical Hammer and Kingfish may be obtainable at this venue, the preferable approach is to opt for more innate substitutes.

  • Like Shari (the pink ear emperor)
  • twin bar Seabream
  • Jesh (yellow bar Angelfish)

A notable aspect of this offer is the substantial, ample Omani crevices.

Vegetables and Fruits:

Fresh produce originates from minor agriculturalists in Dubai and other Emirates, intimately associated with the domestic farming fraternity.

Observe the ongoing occurrences during the particular season and familiarize yourself with the thriving farming commerce in the vicinity. It is the ultimate destination to acquire a sack of fruit for a neighborhood expedition.

Pineapples, figs, and succulent jujubes are the prevailing indigenous fruits. The Waterfront Market provides an extensive assortment of top-notch spices at exceptional value. Alternatively, you could obtain a bottle of sweet syrup or a bundle of regional dates.


From the entire discourse, it is deduced that for individuals who love food, the lively Deira Waterfront Marketplace is an absolute necessity.

Although it has traditionally been a popular market and tourist destination for many years, it has now expanded and improved.

As a result, there is a greater demand, for a more relaxed atmosphere, and air conditioning. However, the ambiance remains the same as the old marketplace, and visitors can still relish a diverse range of seafood, such as lobster, Kingfish, and pomfret.

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